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What is a Clinical Psychologist?

A Clinical Psychologist is a highly qualified specialist within the field of psychology who works with the individual, couples or families experiencing challenges and emotional distress. Common difficulties and disorders can include anxiety, depression, psychosis, self-harm, obsessive compulsive disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, learning and behavioural difficulties.

The Clinical Psychologist works alongside the client to:

  • Develop an understanding of the difficulty (an Assessment)
  • Determine the factors contributing to the difficulties (a Formulation)
  • Recommend a strategy and determine the intervention to help process and manage the challenges (Psychological Intervention)

Throughout all of these elements the Clinical Psychologist will continually review progress and ensure work is directed by relevant research, guidance and policy.

What is a Sport Psychologist?

A Sport Psychologist is a qualified specialist who works with athletes, sportspeople, coaches, parents and teams to support them with the psychological demands of sport, performance and competition.

Sport psychologists work in various settings and with all levels of sport (from recreational to professional and elite) for many reasons including recovery from injury, management of performance anxiety, and emotional responses to pressure, retirement, motivation, focus, attention, concentration and confidence.

Sport psychologists use a variety of techniques and strategies such as performance profiling, goal setting and mental skills training to support their work.

What is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Sport?

Athletes and sportspeople experiencing emotional distress and mental health difficulties are contending with challenges to mental wellbeing in addition to the regular sporting and competitive demands. The escalation of such pressures can have detrimental impact not only on performance but also to psychological approach to the sport, wellbeing and mental health.

The Clinical Psychologist with additional specialist expertise and knowledge in sport psychology has the depth of training and qualification within both the clinical and sport psychology domains to offer the specialist intervention and applied techniques to address mental health and sporting performance needs.