Sports Psychology Sessions

“I’ve been struggling with dartitis for a number of years even after having hypnotherapy, there was no real improvement and just a massive feeling of despair and a falling out of love with darts. Hannah totally transformed my darting performance and helped me get back in love with the game I’ve played for over 25 years. Her work with me has given me the belief, confidence and most importantly the enjoyment back”

Darts Player

“I also just wanted to say Thank You. I hope the testimonial in some way helps to express the gratitude I have for your support over these last few months. I had quite a bit of resistance before calling you that first time but can honestly say how happy and fortunate I am that I did. I could never have imagined the impact chatting with you would have and I truly am thankful for the space you held me in. I feel like I am just going from strength to strength at the moment and beginning to feel a very new sense of thriving that I can’t say I’ve experienced before. It’s a special feeling…

However I’m most certainly noticing and feeling the new challenges and lessons that are arising from stepping deeper into being a professional and this is definitely something I would like to continue to discuss with you from the firm foundation that we have built.”

Professional Squash Player 

Sport Psychology Workshops

Harnessing Confidence & Concentration in Our Next Generation of Footballers: 7 Year Olds & Younger’ Workshop

“Interesting, engaging, valuable & thought provoking!”

“Really enjoyed the session and feel more confident in my role as football coach since undertaking it!”

“Very good session and very useful”

Pilatology® Workshops & Courses

“I recently attended a Virtual Retreat organised by the Pilatology girls. It was a brilliant day, there was something for everyone and it was a great way to be introduced to a new discipline. There was yoga, pilates, reiki and talks about the mind-body connection and how to keep positive and look at life goals. Really enjoyed the day and it was so well organised. Well done to all the instructors and everyone for all their hard work that went into it.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual retreat day on Sunday 3rd May. There were lots of activities on offer to promote how to be healthy in mind and body. A lot of thought, preparation and time must have gone into organising this special day. Thank you for dedicating the time to offer this amazing opportunity.”

“Just want to say thank you so much for the lovely lock down retreat day you organised! Such a relaxing day at a difficult time for everyone! Huge thank you and well done! I particularly loved the Yoga and Pilates! Totally chilled by the end of the day.”