Psychology Specialisms

Clinical Psychology

Psychological services are provided for adults, children, young people and their families. Hannah works with a variety of mental health needs and difficulties including:

    • Low mood/depression
    • Anxiety, panic attacks and all associated diagnosis
    • Anger
    • Phobias
    • Eating difficulties and eating disorders
    • Responses to trauma and traumatic situations including post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Bereavement
    • Self-esteem and confidence
    • Stress
    • Self-harm

Sport Psychology

A range of services specifically for athletes and sportspeople of all ages and any sport are provided towards improving performance, confidence, focus and wellbeing:

    • Core sport psychology skills – ‘Getting the competitive edge’
    • Enhancing Performance
    • Coping with Pressure
    • Managing Competition Anxiety
    • Managing Stress and Set-Backs
    • Increasing Focus and Concentration
    • Increasing Motivation
    • Competition Preparation
    • Recovery from Injury
    • Managing Transitions
    • Team Skills
    • Managing Team Dynamics
    • Supporting Parents


  • Services can be delivered to sportspeople, athletes, parents, coaches and teams as individual or group sessions.

Clinical Sport Psychology

Specialist services are provided in supporting sportspeople and athletes who are experiencing difficulties associated with mental health and psychological wellbeing, which may be impacting on performance and satisfaction in their sport. With expertise in both Clinical and Sport psychology, Hannah is able to use approaches which cross both psychology domains and so able to offer a truly holistic and athlete-centred approach to psychological intervention in this area.

Hannah offers mental health services within the following areas for sportspeople/athletes:

    • Anxiety/Panic/Phobias
    • Low mood/depression
    • Anger
    • Eating difficulties and eating disorders
    • Ritualistic Behaviour
    • Emotional Responses to Career Transitions
    • Responses to injury/accident including post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Self-esteem and confidence 
    • Self-harm 

If there is any uncertainty as to whether a psychological intervention for a particular difficulty, experience or situation is available, please get in touch to discuss