Functional Assessment
A comprehensive assessment focusing on both body and mind, the needs and strengths in both of these areas, and factors which may be impacting performance, functioning and/or wellbeing.

A 2 hour session including:

o An analysis of range of physical movement, flexibility and stability whilst also offering insight and education as to specific anatomy associated with movement.

o An exploration of individual experiences, qualities, challenges and strengths as a means to establish general mindset and associated barriers to improving performance and/or wellbeing.

Session recommendations will ensure an integrated mind-body approach and will consist of the following:

o Priority Pilates/Sport Yoga movements and exercises

o Individualised brief psychological approaches to improve performance and/or wellbeing.

o Long term suggestions for sustained improvement.

Individual and/or Group Sessions
Bespoke individual and group sessions focusing on both body and mind with the focus of these sessions determined by the needs of the client.
Workshops and Courses
Pilatology® offer a range of sport specific and wellbeing workshops and courses which focus on strategies for mind and body to ensure optimum opportunity for improvement.