Pilatology® : A Synergy of Mind and Body
Mind and body are seamlessly interdependent, continuously serving to interact and influence each other. However, all too often we are compelled to be singularly focussed; working perhaps to achieve a healthy body whilst neglecting the mind, or conversely, stimulating the mind yet overlooking the body. Rarely has the synergy between mind and body been addressed in practical unison.

Pilatology is an innovative and exciting concept, co-founded by Dr. Hannah Butler-Coyne (Chartered Clinical Psychologist) and Tracy Coyne (Pilates & Specialist Sports Yoga Instructor), which embraces the learning, skills and enabling techniques to encourage and provide for such dual focus on ‘mind and body’ and so to afford optimum balance and benefit towards psychological and physical wellbeing.

The Mind: Psychology
Hannah provides expertise and principles from both clinical and sport psychology domains to enable students develop a deeper understanding of themselves, manage their inner critic, avoid psychological traps, set realistic goals and, more generally, nurture their ‘mind’.
The Body: Pilates/Sports Yoga
Tracy employs core elements from both Pilates and Sports Yoga to help students develop their balance, flexibility, posture, co-ordination and overall functional movement and strength of core.

Tracy Coyne
Tracy is a qualified Pilates Instructor, specialist in Sports Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Injury Prevention and is a Range of Movement Assessor. Tracy provides a friendly, person-centred approach to motivate and support individuals of all levels, abilities and ages to establish and move towards their functional goals.

Tracy’s passion for focusing on individual growth and goals are accompanied by underlying values in embracing diversity in a compassionate, respectful and fun environment.
Scott Cardle
Tracy with past student, Scott Cardle, Professional Boxer, British Lightweight Champion (2015; 2016)
Introducing Pilatology’s 2020 Sponsored Athletes
Name: Isla Weir
Age: 11
Sport: Tennis
Greatest Achievements to-date:
Representing Lancashire in 10U County Cup qualifying for National Finals with both singles and doubles match wins.
Sporting Goals for 2020:
Achievement Goals - Getting into the county 12U team, qualifying for grade 2 national events. Performance Goals - Developing athleticism, developing serve into a weapon, being ranked 100 nationally
What drew you to apply to be sponsored by Pilatology?:
Isla wants to better manage mental balance and body to work towards her sporting goals, Pilatology is a great companion on that journey.
Name: Jess Mylroie
Age: 41
Sport: Equestrian
Greatest Achievements to-date:
Winning two firsts on my first owned horse on my 40th birthday! A moment I will never forget.
Sporting Goals for 2020:
We are aiming to compete in dressage and show jumping and we have also signed up to Your Horse magazine #hack1000miles challenge. We ideally would also love to go to Somerford park and compete in cross country!
What drew you to apply to be sponsored by Pilatology?:
I'm a disabled rider competing against able bodied riders, it's a huge challenge both physically and mentally, I feel that with the help and support from Pilatology we can achieve so much more, in the terms of physical and mental health well being.
Name: Nicola Porter
Age: 37
Sport: Equestrian / dressage
Greatest Achievements to-date:
Winning the British Dressage Petplan Area Festival Finals in 2017 on my ex-racehorse.
Sporting Goals for 2020:
To continue to improve both myself and my horse, and to continue to enjoy doing it. Competition wise, I am aiming to qualify for the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) national show and also the British Dressage Petplan Festival later on this year.
What drew you to apply to be sponsored by Pilatology?:
I applied for the sponsorship as it sounded an amazing opportunity to help improve my riding career. I feel yoga and pilates are hugely beneficial in all aspects of riding, from core strength to straightness. As I am moving up a level with my horse any lack of straightness can really affect the horse's way of going and ability to carryout certain movements. I also find idea of sport psychology really interesting and look forward to seeing in what ways that can help me.
Name: Peter Mosley
Age: 31
Sport: Cable Wakeboarding
Greatest Achievements to-date:
3rd at GB Nationals, 3rd Best International Team at European & African Championships (both 2019)
Sporting Goals for 2020:
Keep developing and getting better, hopefully that means another podium at GB Nationals and potentially qualify for an international final
What drew you to apply to be sponsored by Pilatology?:
My two biggest challenges at the moment are injury management/prevention and having the mentality to not play it safe. Being able to fire on all cylinders mentally and physically in this sport can be the difference between progression and regression, so when I saw Pilatology on Facebook, I saw they offer the exact combination I need to take my riding to the next level. I can't wait to get started with the team and seeing what this season brings.
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